Discover things to do at Castles in Paradise at Savannes Bay and experiences to try in the nearby area.

Sandy Beach, Vieux Fort, St Lucia


There are some great beaches very close to Castles in Paradise. These are some of the best.

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horseback riding

Horse Riding

Experience a horse back riding adventure of a lifetime on a sandy beach on St Lucia’s Atlantic coast.

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Snorkeling in St Lucia is a great way to explore the beautiful marine world, so mask and snorkel at the ready.

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Scuba Diving

For the best scuba diving experience, head to Soufriere on the western coast of St Lucia.

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Wind surfer


Enjoy windsurfing in Vieux Fort, one of the best windsurfing spots in the entire Caribbean.

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Whether you’re new to kitesurfing or a dab hand, Castles in Paradise is perfectly located for kitesurfing in St Lucia.

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Sulphur Springs Park, St Lucia

Sulphur Springs

Discover the mud baths and amazing views at Sulphur Springs in Soufrière, the world’s only “drive in” volcano.

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Discover the best waterfalls in St Lucia – all a short drive from Castles in Paradise at Savannes Bay.

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Hiking & The Pitons

Feeling adventurous? Why not try hiking the Pitons for some of the best views in the Caribbean?

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Deep Sea Fishing


With some of the best fishing grounds in the Caribbean (if not the world!), St Lucia is ideal for fishing.

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See St Lucia from a whole new perspective. Try a ziplining tour for the best views of the rainforest.

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botanical gardens

Botanical Gardens

Explore the Diamond Botanical Gardens, the oldest botanical gardens in St Lucia and the home of the Diamond Waterfall.

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